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In 1987, Ioannis Kardaris who, over the past twenty five years, has distinguished himself in the shipping and tourism industry in Greece and abroad, established “ATLANTIDES TRAVEL” in Piraeus as a personal business entity. In 1995 “ATLANTIDES TRAVEL & SHIPPING CO. LTD.” was incorporated by Ioannis Kardaris as successor of “ATLANTIDES TRAVEL”. In 2005 Ioannis Kardaris incorporated “ATLANTIDES SHIPPING CO. LTD” of Marshall Islands, which established a shipping and management office in Piraeus, in 2014. These two companies together form “Atlantides Group”.

Atlantides Group is situated in the heart of Piraeus, one of Europe’s largest ports, in its privately owned offices. Apart from its headquarters and branch offices, the Group is the owner of a number of properties (commercial offices, flats, houses and land properties) all over Greece.

From 1987 until 1990 Atlantides Group was mainly involved in yachting and tourist activities, mainly as yacht owners, charterers and brokers, as well as tourist agent. Starting from 1991 Ioannis Kardaris and the founding members of the Group have been actively involved in the chartering and sale & purchase of vessels and cruise ships. Membership with Hellenic
Shipbrokers Associations.

  • Management

    Management services for a wide range of vessels.
    Our job is to provide the owner with support throughout the occupancy or charter of the vessel. Our professional management services and our long experience in shipping secure the interests of our clients. Safety is always our main concern.
  • Operation

    We can ensure the safe and efficient operation of our clients’ vessels.
    After having undertaken numerous of vessels’ operations, it is a certainty that our professional team has a wide knowledge in operation, responding to any daily and high emergency requirements which may arise.
  • Ship Repairs

    We carry out the most demanding or special projects worldwide.
    Our customers immediately benefit from our experienced team of world –ship repair professionals. Pursuing continuously the improvement of our products and the services we deliver to our customers, we are committed to earning and even increasing the trust and confidence our customers place in us.
  • Marine Consultancy

    Our philosophy is professionalism and efficiency.
    We aim to assist our clients in finding practical solutions to their marine operations and projects, providing professional marine consultancy services. Our team has extensive experience of activities ranging from simple marine operations to challenging and complex projects.
  • Sale & Purchase

    Our ship sales team deals with the majority of types and sizes of vessels.
    Every day, the sale and purchase team is in constant contact with competitive brokers, ship owners and shipyards around the world to identify interesting market opportunities. At the same time, they continuously monitor the sale and purchase market in order to stay up to date on the values of the different vessel types and segments.
  • Chartering

    Our services comprise all aspects of ship charter.
    With a wide spread network of market participants we are able to bring together the conclusion of even the most specialised needs, giving an opportunity for the fixing of difficult requirements while effectively dealing with challenging negotiations in order to provide the best outcome.
  • LISA I which was under our ownership and management was further sailed to a Greek company.
  • Atlantides acted once again as sole broker of Levanter Ferries (11880) for the purchase of the vessel PERN ex Kopernik.
“Regina Della Pace” (ex “Kongshavn”) acting as brokers for the purchase of the vessel from Incapita Shipping to Greek Shipowning company Ventouris Ferries.
Sparta (ex “Hc Paulina”), “Sparta II” (ex “Sloman Provider”), Sparta III (ex “EIT Palmina”) acting as brokers for the purchase of the vessels & managers for the Company SPARTA MARINE AND ASSETS GMBH of German

Paraguana I acting as brokers in the sale & purchase – managers for the Company Naviera Paraguana.Speedrunner III acting as brokers in the chartering of the vessel to the Ionian Coastal Line (11880) and in her subsequent sale.

“Lisa I” “ex Spathoek” acting as brokers in the sale & purchase – managers for Global Cargo Logistics (GCL).

Fior di Levante (11880) broker in the sale & purchase.

Acting as broker for the Russian Ministry of Transport in the charter of “IONAS” and the sale of “DORIEUS”;

Acting as brokers for the purchase of various passenger Ro-Ro ferries and following the sale, acting as managers of the buyers;

Acting as brokers for the purchase of passenger Ro-Ro ferry “SPEEDRUNNER” (ex “SPEEDRUNNER II”) and following the sale still acting as managers of the vessel. (Buyers: NAVIERA PARAGUANA, Venezuela).

Concluding the sale of the vessel FIORE DI LEVANTE (EX “HYUNDAI SEOLBONG”) to Greek buyers NEWSPHONE HELLAS S.A. (11880);

Concluding the sale of Landing Craft vessel “CAROLYN” (ex “OLYMPIOS APOLLON”) to the company Bannock Burn Corp and performing the management of the aforesaid vessel since July 2012 up until today for the operation of the vessel in the area of Lebanon (Beirut – Naqura) for the UNITED NATIONS (UNIFIL) needs of soldiers and cargo transportation.

Entering into an agreement with Al Jaber Services LLC ( for the chartering and management of passenger vessel and landing craft for the Al Jaber Services LLC needs of transportation of workers and cargo regarding their project developments in Abu Dhabi area, Zakum field with vessels “PANAGIA KOIMISIS” and “ANNA EXPRESS”;

Concluding the sale of the tanker “SELIN K” to Turkish demo buyers Simsekler Gida.

Entering into an agreement with TDIC ( for the chartering and management of passenger vessel and landing craft vessels for the TDIC needs in transportation of workers and cargo regarding their construction developments in Abu Dhabi area, Sir Banis Yas Island with vessel “PANAGIA KOIMISIS”.

Concluding the sale of the vessel “CROWN” to Indian scrap yard.Concluding the sale of the vessel “KONGSHAVN” to Croatian buyers BLUE LINE;the sale of the day passenger vessel “KALYPSO” to Maltese buyers SHAINICK CRUISES;

the Sale of RoRo vessel “WEST EXPRESS” to Turkish buyers UPM;

the Sale of tugboats “SCHOTLAND” and “FINLAND” to Lebanese Tugboat operators TRIPOLI PILOT;

the Sale of tugboat “CPT. OMAR” to Maltese buyers “MALTA TOWAGE LTD”.

Concluding the sale of big tonnage cargo vessels “ALEXANDROS”, and “SKOPELOS STAR”Concluding the sale of the Passenger Car Ferries:

“CROWN” (ex “BYBLOS”, loa 150m, owner Mr. Maragkopoulos) to the company KERZNER INTERNATIONAL ( of Dubai, UAE. The vessel was managed by ATLANTIDES and used as accommodation ship for the needs of the workers of ATLANTIS PROJECTS, Palm Island, Dubai UAE. On completion of the project four years later, the vessel was purchased by ATLANTIDES and sold for demolition to Indian yard.

“POSEIDON” (loa 165 m) to the company NAKHEEL ( of Dubai, UAE. The vessel was purchased by ATLANTIDES, modified as accommodation ship, sold to NAKHEEL and under the managed of ATLANTIDES was used as accommodation ship for the needs of the workers in Dubai constructions of the Palm Island Project, covering their business needs.

Concluding the purchase of the Passenger Car Ferries “IONIAN STAR” (ex “SEA WORLD EXPRESS FERRY”, 145 m.) and “ORIENT STAR” (125 M.) from Korea to one of the biggest managing companies in Greece “TYROGALAS MARITIME COMPANY”.
Collaboration with company COTUNAV for the vessel “CARTAGE”.
Concluding the sale of 7 Russian build daily cruise ships “evpatoria” type, (NAXOS STAR, ARIADNI OF NAXOS, GEORGIA, IFIGENIA – ANNA, EXPRESS PANAGIA PAROU, …………..) to Greek shipowners in order to perform various itineraries in the Greek islands. Also, during this period Atlantides Group concluded the sale of the cruise vessels “KASSANDRA” (owner Mr. D. Kyriazis) to Italian buyers and “AFRODITI” (similar to “KASSANDRA”) to Greek buyers.Chartering the vessels “ATLANTIDES STAR” and “MAILA” (under Atlantides Group’s ownership) for a total period of 4 years to the multi-national companies KELLOG of Houston, USA and IHI COMPANY (Ishikawajima – Harima Industries) of Japan ( These companies were involved in fuel refinery business in Algeria and the vessels were needed for the transportation of their staff from Almeria, S. Spain to Arzeu, Algeria.

Concluding sale and purchase of all types of tug boats and barges to companies worldwide. Management of tugs and barges for towing services and transportation of oil / vessels / various materials / cargo / wrecks / equipment / trucks etc, in Greece, UAE, India, Egypt.

Shipping Agencies in Piraeus port and the main Greek islands.

Ownership, chartering and management of ferries and cruise ships.

Rebuilding, reconstructions and modifications to more than 20 vessels, especially big passenger ships and ferries as well as luxury mega yachts.

Chartering the vessel “IRINI” (under the Group’s ownership) for 6 months to the Arab-Finish company NET TOURS in order to cover their needs in Dubai. After time charter expired, the ship was chartered to an Indian company in order to perform the itinerary Bombay – Goa for an additional 6 months period. Finally, the vessel was sold to Indian buyers.